Thursday, December 5, 2013

fireplace tip

For those of you building a new home (with fireplace option) I would suggest requesting the thermostat not be directly across the room from it.  We are now learning that when our fireplace is burning our heater does not ever cycle on because the great room is too warm.  Therefore we cannot really use the fireplace during the day when the kids are playing elsewhere and it's cold outside because they get too cold.  We are asking the PM if we can move the thermostat into the hallway to help with this issue.  Still waiting for a reply.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

closed and all moved in

We closed on the house on Tuesday as scheduled.  The closing lasted about 45 minutes and was very smooth and uneventful. 

The house is everything we dreamed and more!  It was so worth the wait to build our own home and we couldn't be happier with our final product.  There is nothing about this house we don't like. 

Our PM and SR showed up shortly after we go to the house for the first time with a bag of goodies.  (essentials the SR said)  Stuff like toilet paper, a small tool kit, paper towels, and even some snacks and my son's favorite drink that he always asked for when we went to the model home for our many appointments.  So incredibly thoughtful.

The other reason they showed up so quickly was because the PM wanted to show us something that was damaged in the eleventh hour (literally Monday night) before we saw it and freaked out.  The GE people ruined our hardwood floors in the front foyer trying to roll our massive fridge in on a dolly of all things.  There were gouges in the floors and the entire foyer had to be replaced.  He had already ordered the materials and wanted to know when our movers were coming so he could do it afterwards.  The speed in which this issue was taken care of was amazing.  The floors were replaced Friday afternoon and they are beautiful again.  They also replaced some boards in front of the stove where the installers were a bit careless as well. 

We moved in three stages.  Tuesday we rented a ten foot uhaul and filled it to the brim with lighter boxes and loose items we didn't want the movers to take.  Wednesday the movers came and got just about everything else.  Thursday we went back to our old condo, cleaned it from top to bottom, and collected the rest of our stuff that was left behind.  And that was that.  We are moved in and thanks to the help of our wonderful and amazing parents we are actually almost all unpacked.  The office is the only room that needs some serious work and that is simply because we have no bookshelves yet. 

The great room is a bit barren as well because the la-z-boy company we bought our furniture from made a serious mistake and brought the delivery to our old address.  When no one answered, they just drove back to the warehouse a few states away and said we'd basically get our furniture when they were back in the area (about two more weeks).  After some major back and forth with a whole bunch of people we managed to schedule the delivery for the day after Thanksgiving.  Needless to say we are not thrilled with that turn of events since we ordered everything way back in August so that we would not have any delay in delivery.  We are still working on trying to get things here before the holiday but it is not looking good. 

All in all our Ryan Homes experience has been one of success.  We have started to make a small list of things for our 30 day but mostly just cosmetic details.  We cannot wait to sit back and start enjoying our new home. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

One more day

We had our pre settlement meeting last week and it went well.  We are pleased with the entire building process and so thrilled with the final product.  Can't wait to live here. 

Still waiting on our fridge.  The PM said a damaged one was delivered so he refused it and was waiting for a new one.  We were also able to get the blinds installer in to do the measurements so we are hoping to get them done quickly.  The mortgage company called late Friday night to let us know we had the full green light to close.  Just one more day to go. 

I did not take very many pictures the last time I was in the house but here are a couple of the kitchen.  I will be taking more as we get settled into our home.

kitchen (love the hardwoods)

close up of granite      

Friday, November 15, 2013

Monday, November 11, 2013

yes, no, maybe?

We had not been to the house for two weeks.  Saturday was supposed to be our big reveal moment.  Then we got a call saying that the person filling in for our SR this weekend didn't have the key so we couldn't see our house.  Say what?  We were a little upset, to say the least.  We didn't go last Saturday so it had been two weeks since we'd seen the place.  Nevermind the fact that our Saturday visit had been a standing appointment for a month.  Total letdown. 

After the initial disappointment we decided to pack up the kids and drive down to the house anyway.  At least we could see the landscaping and outside touches.  So we did.  And things look good.  We have a little tree in the front yard and all the black tarping is gone.  It looks like a real house now, not just a construction site.  The sod is a little weird looking.  Some of it isn't pulled very tight to the next piece but to be honest I am not a sod expert.  The PM already assured us about the landscaping way back in July when we asked about cold weather and the seed/sod planting.  We will see how it looks when the warm weather circles back around and take it from there. 

Also, we had mail.  Something I never would've thought to check for but our mailbox had our new insurance information in it.  Glad we checked.

While we were at the house we saw a flyer on our doorknob so I went to pull it off.  That's when my husband noticed a key sitting in a (not so) nondescript location.  So we tried it and low and behold we were in our house!  It looks amazing.  We were so happy to see it.  They definitely need to do another cleaning and a few minor touch ups but everything was just how we imagined.  My husband has the pictures so I'll be making another post soon.   

Quick question though.  The cabinets over the microwave?  Are those supposed to be glued shut?  I know our stove vents out to the outside of the house so the vent is in there as well as the electrical plug for the microwave but think it's weird to have no access to them.  We have our final walk through tomorrow morning and I'll asked the PM then but figured I'd throw it out there now in case someone else had an answer to this weirdness.

Now to keep packing our condo.  I'd say we are 1/3 of the way there.  Funny how way back in July it felt like we had plenty of time and suddenly all that time is gone and we have so much to do.  Oh well.  It'll be so worth it in the end.

Pictures soon, I promise!

Thursday, November 7, 2013